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Our Strategies

Oral Bible storying is a strategy of the Church and Scripture engagement service of Cabtal that aims to mobilize communities for the work of Bible translation by creating in them an appetite for the word of God in the mother tongue in the form of stories. These stories are told orally in the mother tongue. This is done by preparing selected Bible stories and training native speakers from various communities to craft and re-tell them in their mother tongue. This is usually done in a two-week workshop. After the workshop the participants go back to their various communities and tell the stories. These stories are told in homes, churches, market places, farms, meeting houses, and so on. These trained mother tongue speakers are also expected to teach others how to tell Bible stories. There are six OBS workshops run in the space of three years for a complete training in OBS, two workshops every year with interludes of storytelling ministry in the communities. During this 3 years period, participants learn about 30 bible stories which they tell in their community for life transformation and to mobilize the community for a written translation.

We have many testimonies from people, communities churches.