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The Maroua Regional Training Center of CABTAL which covers the three regions of the Greater North of Cameroon is the last born of all the centers of CABTAL. It is located in Maroua and helps 18 linguistic communities to realize their dream in translation, literacy, linguistics and Scripture Engagement. The year 2017 is the year of major construction projects: With the construction of the regional center at the Yonkole district in Maroua. All the Cabtal, under the impulse of its Director General, watches with great attention to the realization of this great site. MRTC, as we would like to call it (Maroua regional training center), will also set up a print shop in the coming days to help churches and institutions in the sub-region reduced, products of good qualities.

The dedication of the center has been done by the GD and it is currently used by the staff.

In addition to serving the 11 translation programs in which CABTAL is currently involved, namely Tchouvock, Pana, Mofu-gudur, Buwal, Gavar, Mbudum, Matal, Baycawara, Hina, Mada and Moloko, this center aims to become a sub-regional platform (Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria). A platform in which international training will take place.