Linguistic Research

CABTAL Linguistic Research

The linguistics service of CABTAL is fully equipped with trained and competent linguists, linguistics specialists and consultants with a mastery of research in African languages, and Cameroonian mother tongues in particular. This service lays the foundation of the organization’s goal and focuses on researching undocumented national languages of Cameroon, equipping linguists with the necessary skills to carry out linguistics research. The service puts in place solid linguistics background for effective, sustainable and credible mother tongue literacy and Bible translation. This is done through systematic linguistics strategies that examine the structures of local languages from phonetics to phonological analysis in order to establish practicable writing systems (orthographies) of languages. We then continue to establish alphabet charts and booklets that serve as springboard for literacy activities. Training of language committee members and potential Bible translators on the established writing principles of languages is also a top priority of the linguistics service. The service ensures the publication of orthography statements, dictionaries and grammar booklets which are fundamental tools for Literacy and Bible Translation activities (Rev. 7:9).

With well-established working standards, this service works to put in place credible and quick linguistics research materials for sustainable mother tongue Literacy and Bible Translation activities on projects.

The linguistics service is one of the backbones of the organisation and it collaborates with other services to ensure sound linguistics foundation on projects for further language activities.

We make use of P Test for our phonological analysis, FLEx for dictionary and grammar production and Bloom for of basic materials to train language community members and potentials Bible Translators. Training of linguists on the use of modern IT tools for quick language works remains one of our areas of priority.