Linguistic Research

CABTAL Linguistic Research

The linguistics service of CABTAL is fully equipped with trained and competent consultants with a mastery of research in African languages, and Cameroonian mother tongues in particular. This service is concerned with equipping language communities with sound linguistics background for effective and credible mother tongue literacy and Bible translation. This is reflected in the systematic study of the structure of local languages and the way it can be used. Our research involves the areas of phonetics and phonology, focusing on the sounds of the language and the ways they pattern in particular languages, including global sound patterns that make up the prosody and intonation of different languages. We examine the internal structure of words, and syntax, concerned with describing and accounting for the way words are grouped into larger structures like sentences. We practically engage in; developing a writing system, developing the orthography and hence the alphabet and then training the language communities on using these resources. We then continue the linguistic research process with goals publishing mother tongue dictionaries and other learning resources. These resources then become the basis for ensuring the originality of the language. We use IT tools such as Flex and other applications to facilitate our research.