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When we talk of center we mean the environment where staff come each day to carry out their normal duties, training sessions and retreats. At the moment, CABTAL has the following centers: Yaounde (CCC: CABTAL Chapman Center), Bamenda (BRTC: Bamenda Training Center), Maroua (MRTC: Maroua Training Center) and Bafia (Mbam Center). Our main focus here is the CABTAL CHAPMAN CENTER found in Yaounde with an extension in Bafia (Mbam Centre).

These centers are opened to Pastors, individuals and groups who want to have a retreat or organize seminars and workshops, and other ceremonies. Our center provides lodging and feeding facilities for participants. Other services like laundry, cleaning of cars, purchases, etc. are also found within our centre. The CABTAL CHAPMAN CENTRE is made up of a conference hall that can accommodate about a hundred persons and some other halls for smaller groups.

We have well equipped apartments that can accommodate singles, couples and families. They range from one bedroom to three bedrooms with well equipped kitchens and bath rooms.

Apart from apartments, we also have dormitories with three (3) beds each and general toilets, a small living room for everyone and a well equipped kitchen. We would not fail to say that our building is well secured with trained guards and a fence for security purposes. In addition to all the other things mentioned, we have internet connection to help you stay connected and a generator which supplies light in case the city lights go out. Above the dormitory and apartments we have a balcony that permits us have a view of the Yaounde South vicinity.

We are pleased to say that our prices are affordable and we would always ensure that you have a wonderful stay in our centers.