Frequently Asked Questions

At CABTAL we encourage everyone to participate. Thus, we accept volunteers. Volunteers have to fill and summit a form. You can as well volunteer to serve in your community

We operate across the national territory, but we have a Head Office in Yaounde, with two regional offices in Maroua and Bamenda

We desires to partner with communities that are truly hunger and thirst for God’s word and with those that are willing to give their best for the work.

We are pleased to be in partnership with some 107 communities across Cameroon.. There are four conditions that must be met for a community to partner with CABTAL. These requirements ensure sustainable projects that will bear much fruit for the communities involved.

1.Leaders from the various church denominations and community leaders want the project and want to partner with CABTAL.

2.These community leaders are ready to send qualified people to serve in the project.

3.The community leaders are ready to give leadership to the project.

We will like to hear from you!

Fill the form below if you have any inquiries with regards to our various strategies.

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