Mother Tongue Literacy

Mother Tongue Literacy

Mother tongue literacy is one of the key areas in which CABTAL excels in Cameroon. This is attained through training language community members on how to teach basic reading and writing in the mother tongues as well as functional literacy. Through mother tongue literacy, CABTAL is able to ensure that the translated Bibles are effectively used by the targeted population. We facilitate the development of curricula and learning resources for mother literacy in different settings including; churches, schools, homes and more. We have a team of well-trained consultants and specialist with great experience in African languages and Cameroonian languages in particular. Our teams continues to explore the world of IT to enhance distance and online learning of mother tongue. These are also driven by the facts that;

  • Mother tongue makes it easier for children to pick up and learn other languages.
  • Mother tongue develops people’s personal, social and cultural identity.
  • Using mother tongue helps in the development  of critical thinking and literacy skills.
  • Skills learnt in mother tongue do not have to be re-taught when using a second language.

Mother languages in a multilingual approach are essential components of quality education, which is itself the foundation for empowering women and men and their societies.” (Irina Bokova)


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