Ngiemboon language: The Old Testament translation project begins

It was a huge crowd of Ngiemboon speakers who gathered on March 31st at the church house of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon (EEC) Bamessang of the Batcham area, in the west region of Cameroon, to launch the translation of the Old Testament into their language.

Enthusiastic people, committed partners

"I will give my contribution"; "This is a great day for our people"; "It is a challenge that we expect to meet with the help of God"; "I'm going to pray that this work will go well" ... These are some phrases gathered at the end of the ceremony of March 31st, as the people worshiped and praised God in songs. The honor returning, naturally, to this people who expressed their thirst for the Word, but especially to a commendable son of the soil, Lontsi Boaz, resident in Germany. He had the inspiration to present the project to the Mennoniten-Bruedergemeinde Church. The church has committed to fund the project for 5 years.

Speaking on behalf of the financial partners, Pastor Vitali Friesen, expressed their satisfaction to contribute, financially and through prayer to make the complete Bible available in the Ngiemboon language.

The local church, strongly involved

To Rev. Tchouala Timothée, EEC synod president for the Bamboutos and the North-West Region, this project is almost a personal matter. He toured the premises of the translation center. Prior to this, he encouraged the distribution of scriptures in Ngiemboon to learners who took reading exams. These learners received free Ngiembonn New Testaments copies from the German partners as part of the ongoing literacy program, following the program run by CABTAL (Basic Literacy and Functional Literacy).

The Inter Church Committee (ICC), set up, is the visible sign of the perfect collaboration between the Evangelical Church, the Catholic Church and the Pentecostal churches. Led by Pastor Doumene Hervé, it includes all the Christian churches working in the Ngiemboon area. This was deeply appreciated by Moise Yonta, representative of CABTAL. He said he was very pleased with the way the New Testament was welcomed and used. With satisfaction, CABTAL intends, once again, to bring its expertise in the technical and organizational fields for the success of the translation of the Old Testament.

A team of 17 translators has been formed. It includes pastors and lay people, some of whom partook in the translation of the New Testament. Because Bible translation is serious technical work, they will take a six-month training on introduction to translation principles, Hebrew, computer knowledge and practical exercises.