Project Funding

The Project funding service is an arm of CABTAL which is responsible for facilitating communication with the different CABTAL stakeholders.

This service facilitates communication through the following ways;

  1. Email with partners:

The project funding team is the communication bridge between CABTAL and its partners. In this role they act as an intermediary in facilitating communication between CABTAL and its partners. They receive correspondences from different partners, process it and give them a response.

  1. Facilitating project proposal and budget preparation:

They work together with the regional Directors and cluster facilitators and other stakeholders to ensure that projects, and budgets are well prepared to meet up with the expected standards and submitted to different partners.

  1.  Report preparation

The team prepares weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual narrative reports, impact stories and other statistics that are to be shared with the different stakeholders. They facilitate this process and ensure that all reports go to the partner on the agreed date.

  1. Monitoring/Evaluation:

After projects have been funded with clear and timely goals, the project funding team works with the finance team to facilitate the implementations process through monitoring and evaluation of activities together with the different regional directors, cluster facilitators, specialists, consultants, etc. This helps to achieve planned goals in a timely manner; reschedule unachieved goals and communicate with different partners about the changes on the project.

  1. Facilitate trainings:

In order to transfer ownership to the different communities there is need for trainings in project skills. The project funding team facilitates workshops on project proposal writing, report writing, monitoring, evaluation, impact stories budgeting and other related issues. During this process, they also help the rest of the team to understand the partner’s expectations and how work can be improved to standard.