IT, Language Technology & Media

The vision of this service is "Competent CABTAL and ICC staff are effectively using well-secured, properly functioning, and appropriate Software and IT resources to achieve the ends of CABTAL and its partner." The goals of this service are to provide office and field project staff with the following, in regard to computers owned by CABTAL and/or used in projects where CABTAL is a partner.

Training: We provide language software technology training for translators, linguists and literacy workers. We equally provide general office software and basic computer maintenance and use.

Security: We ensure the protection of CABTAL data and IT assets from theft, loss, damage or inappropriate access.

Support: We provide support to users, installation and configuration of software, repair of hardware, and maintenance of network infrastructure etc.

Our desire is to be well integrated into the corporate vision, mission and culture of the organization. We want to be embedded with the people we serve, understand the jobs of the people we support and be aware of current trends in information technology.