Community Development and Technical Services

The Department of Community Development and Technical Services of CABTAL exist to the end that individuals and Communities are empowered through capacity building programmes in various domains such as: Translation, Linguistics, Basic and Functional Literacy, Ethno arts, Language software technology and development related skills. Through these initiatives, Individuals and communities are able to take responsibility and initiative that will bring about their development.

How do we achieve our aims?

Through the Department of Community Development and Technical services, we intentionally engage with individuals and communities to enable them to identify challenges to their progress and to build a better mental picture of what change in their lives and communities will look like. We also help them to identify various resources that will enable them to accomplish their individual and corporate dreams.

We facilitate the process of empowering local communities with capacity needs through community development programs like the literacy and development (functional literacy) programs and the work of different specialists and consultants in various domains: Translation, Linguistics, Literacy, Ethno Arts, Language software technology 

Through the various services of this department, we seek to:

  • Regularly increase awareness in literacy and community development
  • Intentionally build more capacity for CABTAL personnel, field staff and community organizations
  • Steadily update and keep an up to date data base for literacy statistics
  • Maintain a clear timeline for our translation projects
  • Maintain a well defined standard and curriculum for our basic and functional literacy
  • Consolidate a quick model/strategy to carry out linguistic work that will lay a firm foundation for further language work in the communities
  • Build a stronger partnership with government ministries and work with new partners both within and out of the country in relevant domains
  • Facilitate the production of  more culturally relevant materials for basic and functional literacy in various mother tongues
  • Spur mother tongue speakers to become researchers in their own language communities.
  • Acquire appropriate software and train end users in the use of these software to better accomplish their tasks.
  • Help communities to practice culturally relevant worship and to use drama, painting and other arts as tools for evangelization and mobilization.