CABTAL Printing and Publishing Service

The publishing service of CABTAL

The publishing service of CABTAL is a service that takes care of putting in the form of a book or professional document, all translation, linguistics and literacy work, and other parallel work.
One section deals with the formatting of Scripture (Composition or Typesetting), which consists of verifying biblical texts in local languages ​​from highly specialized software, proofreading and correction of the text by translators. Formatting page after page of text, illustrations, maps, typographical and punctuation corrections.
Another section deals with issues parallel to publishing, such as copyright, translation from English into French or from French to English, proofreading, design of various documents and covers , illustrations, maps, placards, calendars, etc.
We also assist translators, linguists and other specialists and authors in the publication of their manuals in local languages ​​or in the vehicular languages.
In this regard, we are assisting the Government of Cameroon and other governments of the sub-region in publishing and the production of various documents in local languages. We are also working in partnership with other Christian missions and NGOs for the publication of the Holy Scriptures and textbooks of linguistics and literacy in local languages. All publishing and production jobs are therefore welcome!

Print on Demand Service.

Created to accomplish the work CABTAL does at the level of the communities by printing and making documents available for communities and the general public to see the evolution of the work done in their Mother tongue.
Print On Demand (POD) is a concept that allows for immediate production of limited quantities of books and other material on the spot. POD opened its doors on September 1, 2015 and so far it has printed more than 200,000 copies of books and other documents for the communities. Publications (black on white or colour) range from Dictionaries, Reading and Writing books (Primers), Translator’s copy of New Testaments, Diaries, Gospels and other books of the Bibles, Hymn Books, Proverbs, Church Liturgies, etc. Other documents we print are Calendars, Alphabet charts, Prayer Bulletins, Flyers, Posters, Business cards, etc.
Our desire is to meet the needs of the communities we work with, to see that the work they do back at home can be archived and printed as proof of progress in the work they do and to promote sustainability in the community.
We have well trained staff who manage the Print shop and ensure that documents are printed according to the quantities requested, are of the best quality, and delivered within the agreed deadlines.
CABTAL’s Print On Demand service is not only limited to producing work from the communities we serve rather, it is also opened to the general public.
POD is based in Yaounde and we will be having an extension in Maroua by September 2017.