Celebration of the International Mother Tongue Day, February 21st 2019 at CABTAL Chapman Center, Yaoundé.

On the occasion of the International Mother Tongue Day, CABTAL organized a round table on the use and importance of the mother tongue. A panel of specialists was made of:

Mathaus Njeck, Linguistic Consultant· The importance of formalizing a writing system -

Emmanuel Keyeh, Literacy Consultant · Literacy in the mother tongue -

Zac Manyim, SE Consultant and Orality Specialist · Orality as a Dominant Strategy -

Bolak Kari Mekwi, Director of Church and Scripture Engagement · Diagnosis: The use of the Mother Tongue in the Church -

Frans Barah, Language Technology Consultant · Mother tongue and ICTs -

At 1:30 pm in the CABTAL Chapman Center Conference Room, Mvan, Tropicana.

Moderator: Zac Manyim

Ngiemboon Old Testament

The launching service of the Old Testament Translation in the Ngiemboon language will took place on Sunday March 31, 2019. It was in Batcham-Bamessang, at the temple of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon, parish of Bamessang (Mbouda).


New CABTAL Director Mr. Emmanuel Keyeh Lufang took over on Friday, April 5, 2019 at the Organisation’s Headquarters at Mvan Tropicana. It was at the handing over ceremony presided over by the Board Chair, Mrs Delphine Nanfack.

Yaounde-based CABTAL staff and Board members convened at 11am for the event that was brief but full of emotions. Mr Fabien Magloire Liboth who served as Interim General Director for the last seven months handed over to Mr Keyeh Emmanuel Lufang, who was appointed by the Board of Governors in an extra ordinary Session that held last March 29, 2019.

Speaking during the event, Mrs Delphine Nanfack came back to the turmoil that CABTAL faced the last few months, and thanked God for the efforts of the Leadership to restore calm and serenity in the house. She further said “Yesterday, we doubted, we suspected each other. Today, we are calm. Looking at where we are now, God is asking us to walk on the same path’

The outgoing General Director, Fabien Magloire Liboth, who received a congratulatory letter from the Board celebrated “the outstanding progress recorded in the last seven months.” Both in his address and in his handing over notes, he highlighted the accomplishments of CABTAL in the organizational, operational, and financial plans. Clearly, we can conclude that the organization is doing well. So, it’s a road clearly mapped out for Emmanuel Keyeh who takes over the Organisation in good shape and thus, the work of transforming individuals and communities through God’s Word remains the key challenge to overcome.

Fortunately, taking advantage of modern leadership styles and conscious of his fundamental role, the board commissioned Mr Keyeh, with a 15-points Terms of reference.  Today at the heart of the process, the new General Director is fully aware of the issues and challenges. Hence his invitation to members of the board and staff to pool efforts to enable CABTAL to maintain its internal balance and meet the expectations of churches and local communities.


Trauma healing workshops

CABTAL has organized a number of workshops on the subject in recent weeks and months.


  2.Futurs :

Date Venue Events
March 07, 14, and 21 Nitoukou, Ndikinimeki and Yingui Tunen New Testament Dedication