Trauma healing workshops

Testimony: “I didn’t realise that I was traumatised by events that happened in my life. I have received healing and now I can help others.”


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March 24, 2021

CABTAL Chapman Center, Yaoundé

and on Zoom

Launching of CABTAL 2020 Annual Report

To face Coronavirus, CABTAL has published a manual in english and French, that has been translated in about 70 local languages, on literacy to help the language communities prevent COVID-19.


STAND Against Coronavirus

Action must be taken. We need to anticipate. CABTAL cares about linguistic communities in Cameroon that do not have access to official languages. Many of them are ignorant of the ongoing preventive awareness of the Coronavirus. To this end, a literacy manual is designed to help mother tongue speakers to stand against this pandemic. The manual is drawn up in French and English and will be translated into various languages ​​by the field teams. This booklet will be used for the roughly 6903 literacy students in line with the prescribed measures.



There was no need to panic. The counterattack bears its fruits. We are grateful to the Lord for the current contribution of CABTAL on raising awareness against COVID-19. The booklet prepared by the organization is gradually being translated and used by several language communities. After receiving the document on his phone, a Ngiembonn speaker said "Thank you for this excellent translation which will popularize the information on COVID-19". A Lamnso’ health workers argued that this booklet is a great tool, because she had tried to no avail to translate certain concepts into her mother tongue.

Audio-text files are produced in languages ​​and some community radios use them for awareness-raising. Here are the languages ​​in which the document is available on 09 April 2020. For the North West Babanki, Ngwo, Lamnso ’, Bambili, Isu, Moghamo, Nwen, Tigon Mbembe, Oku; Littoral: Bakoko; Center: Nulibie, Lefa, Ewondo; West: Bamoun, Ngiemboon.

Somebody sent us this feedback (April 09, 2020):

I have have been hearing and witnessing the wonderful job you are doing to
make make people with me included be abreast with the Holy Bible wisdom using
their native and local language.
I was overwhelmed with joy this time around as I came across to a short
awareness video in Nkwen language sensitising people on the dreadful covid19
Congratulations for that because you are just doing the right thing.
Hope you will do so for other local languages”.

Yes, we will continue. And very soon, 40 languages ​​will have completed this work despite the confinement.

A real counterattack.



On April 9, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, outlined seven complementary measures in the fight against VIDOC-19. CABTAL, which was already at work, particularly identified herself in the fifth point of these measures, which is the use of local languages for the raising of awareness-in rural and urban areas. CABTAL's initiative in the fight against COVID-19 with 45 languages, has thus far, given more prominence and visibility to the organization. Five important broadcasts have happened during the last weeks in the official news on Cameroon Radio Television (Web, TV and News) and on STV, to report on this responsible civic contribution.

We thank God. 



Functional readjustments of work allow CABTAL to stay on course. As it is in many areas on earth, the internet is in high demand. For instance, from their offices, Translation Consultants check the work online through videoconferencing with the language teams right in their villages. This shrinks a little of their usual human warmth during these sessions, but the essential is safe. On the other hand, CABTAL is now committed to producing the COVID-19 manuals in 74 languages, for a total of about 15 000 copies. The teams are mobilized and are translating the documents while the Publishing service is running at full speed to have them published.



With the work in mother tongues, CABTAL has anticipated well on the COVID-19. In theory, the expansion of awareness should leave very little room for the spread of the virus. This action falls in line with the instructions of the national authorities. Apart from the two official languages, below is the list of mother tongues in which CABTAL has already produced awareness-raising materials.

Aghem, Akoose, Awing, Babanki, Bafaw, Bafut, Bakoko, Balong, Bambili, Bambui, Bambuko, Bamoun; Bangando , Baycawara, Bum, Buwal, Esimbi, Ewondo, Fulfulde, Gavar, Isu, Kenyang, Kom, Lamnso, Lefa, Limbum, Mada, Mankon, Matal, Mbembe, Mbudum, Mengaka, Mengambo, Meta, Mina, Mmen, Mofu-Gudur, Moghamo, Mokpe, Moloko, Mpumpong, Mundani, Ngiemboon, Ngomba, Ngombale, Ngie, Ngwe, Ngwo, Njyem, Nkwen, Nuasue, Nugunu, Nulibie, Numala, Nyong, Nzime, Oku, Oroko, Oshie, Pana, Pinyin, Tchouvok, Tuki, Weh and Yemba.


God visits the Pinyin people

For a long time, all eyes have been drawn to this day, a day so awaited: the dedication of the New Testament in the Pinyin language. It is a unique event in the life of a community. So the time has come for the Pinyin. Therefore, even the current pandemic couldn’t stand against the passion of the community. August 30 is the day! It is the day of the solemn entry of Emmanuel, the living Word of God into this community. Relocated to Yaoundé, on a hillside of Nkolbikok (entrance facing the wood park), the community will welcome the New Testament in its language in all the dignity, for their own transformation, to the glory of God. It’s only happiness! Because finally, each Pinyin will hear God speak to him effectively in his heart’s language.