1. Past

8 August 2017: Launching of CABTAL Webiste

6 March 2018: NGOMBA New Testament Dedication

3 March 2018: BABANKI New Testament Dedication

25 march 2018: BABANKI New Testament Dedication

Click here to read the speech given by the General Director of CABTAL during the International literacy day at the ministry of Education

Bible Scholars training

The Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL), has organized a one week of training for Bible Scholars under the theme:

Training of Bible Translation Consultants in a changing world.

This began on Monday 25th to Friday29th September, 2017 at the CABTAL Chapman Centre, situated at Mvan-Tropicana.

Facilitators of the Bible Scholars training came from Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Burkina-Fasso, USA, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon and the participants from Gabon, Burkina-Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Central Africa, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroun

The main objective of this training is to: increase the number of qualified and certified Bible translation consultants around the world who can use their theological knowledge and wisdom to interact with various cultures to produce scriptures that are relevant and accepted by the people.

Key Facilitators:

  • Prof Edouard KITOKO NSIKU from Seed Company
  • Dr Michel Kenmogne Executive Director of SIL International

Octobre 2017 :

  • Annual Personnel Forum of 2017 in Yaoundé.
  • Présentation of Annual Report of CABTAL
  • Celebration of 30th anniversary of CABTAL

Celebration of the International Mother Tongue Day, February 21st 2019 at CABTAL Chapman Center, Yaoundé.

On the occasion of the International Mother Tongue Day, CABTAL organized a round table on the use and importance of the mother tongue. A panel of specialists was made of:

Mathaus Njeck, Linguistic Consultant· The importance of formalizing a writing system -

Emmanuel Keyeh, Literacy Consultant · Literacy in the mother tongue -

Zac Manyim, SE Consultant and Orality Specialist · Orality as a Dominant Strategy -

Bolak Kari Mekwi, Director of Church and Scripture Engagement · Diagnosis: The use of the Mother Tongue in the Church -

Frans Barah, Language Technology Consultant · Mother tongue and ICTs -

At 1:30 pm in the CABTAL Chapman Center Conference Room, Mvan, Tropicana.

Moderator: Zac Manyim

2.Futurs :

Date Venue Events
27 April 2019 Babadjou Ngombale New Testament dedication
Sunday March 31, 2019 Batcham-Bamessang, at the temple of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon, parish of Bamessang. It is located about 15km from the city of Mbouda and 5 from Batcham Center.

The launching service of the Old Testament Translation in the Ngiemboon language will take place.