Oral Bible Storying (OBS)

  • After telling the story of Lazarus in a memorial service, one man went and asked the church Pastor if the story was truly found in the Bible. The pastor said, “Yes!” He immediately gave the pastor money to buy him a Bible so that he will be able to read for himself - Ngie.
  • Mr & Mrs T believed in Christ as they listened to the story of Jesus and the two sons of Zebedee that was told at a funeral program. This story was followed by a brief sermon. During which they gave their lives to Christ. As a result, the entire family began fellowshipping at a local church - Moghamo.
  • During a wake keeping in Ewoh village, V. told the story of Jesus and his friend Lazarus. Consequently, over 25people gave their lives to Christ - Moghamo.
  • The chief of the M. Village listened to the story of Jesus and the two sons of Zebedee that V. told at the village development meeting and for the first time, the fon in his closing remark prayed for the God who created the heaven and the Earth to take people home safely, not the God of the land as he would often say. Then as a result of the story, the chief created a village traditional council and appointed the story teller to chair the council - Moghamo.
  • Mrs Rachael M. who cannot read nor write in any language is now able to say Bible verses and even entire stories as she has been listening to the stories narrated in her church. Recently she told the story of Mary’s encounter with the Holy Ghost - Moghamo.